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Open access for the Journal of Global Mass Communication

  Another of those publications that will deserve to be read -and to be delicioused– in the next months is now available full text/open access (pdf). It is the inaugural issue of the Journal of Global Mass Communication, focusing on news flow.         The issue is dedicated to Robert L. Stevenson, a […]

A drama with/without sound

  This is a harsh video about the endless drama of terrorism. I saw it in Halon Disparado and it is from the band Sindicato del Crimen. Music to tell a murder.   [youtube][/youtube]   Tonight I’ll go to watch Tiro en la cabeza (Shoot in the head), an almost silent movie. No sounds to […]

Sidney Pollack, about news sources

  Director Sidney Pollack died last monday 28 may. One of his most popular films is Out of Africa, with the touching soundtrack and the unforgettable hair-washing scene with Robert Redford and Meryl Streep (around minute 5’55», one of the most breath-holding moments in the History of cinema). But it might be good to recommend […]

Through the eyes of a photojournalist

How is it to work as a photojournalist? Have you ever thought how it feels to take close shots of high public figures while they make a speech? Gilles Vidal is a French journalist that has gained fame through his panoreportages: panoramic images/videos that allow viewers to virtually place themselves behind Gilles’ eyes in order […]

Penny for their thoughts

  El Foreign Policy Research Institute ha elaborado un estudio (pdf) sobre los think tanks o centros de análisis de políticas públicas mejor valorados del mundo. Aunque quien lo emite sea una entidad normalmente etiquetada como conservadora, en rankings de esta altura se presupone la objetividad. Por lo tanto, los señalados son los lugares que […]