«El periodismo en lo global» (Segovia, 22-23 may, 2008)


Spain has a set of international journalists highly qualified for assignments abroad. If there were any doubts, most recent wars highlighted their professionalism and courage. Some of them (many, always too many) even lost their lives in avoidable conflicts.


However, there are not many congresses devoted to international journalism in Spanish schools of Communication. With some honourable exceptions. The University of Malaga is one of them (or it was, with a summer symposium on foreign correspondents hold in Estepona). And now, Segovia will host a congress entitled «El periodismo en lo global» (free translation: «Journalism in the global sphere»).


El periodismo en lo global



Last year, Cirilo Rodriguez Journalist Award went to Rosa María Calaf, a popular foreign correspondent with an extensive career in Asia. She will receive the prize during the sessions. Among other institutions, three universities endorse the event: IE-Universidad, Universidad de Valladolid and UNED. The entrance is free.

Aurelio Martin, a well-known Segovian journalist, will coordinate the conferences. Follow this link, cause the schedule speaks for itself…


May 22

  • 10.30 Hours.- Opening. Alfredo Matesanz.  President of Segovia Press Association
  • 11.00 Hours.- Round table. State of the profession / state of international information. Javier Fernández Arribas (Head of information. Punto Radio). José Antonio Guardiola (Head of international information. TVE). María Dolores Massana (President of RSF-España).  With Miguel Ángel López
  • 12.30 Hours.  Ramón Lobo (Special correspondent. El País). Between Africa and The Balkans. With Carmen Martín
  • 13.00 Hours.  Evaristo Canete ( TV reporter). The experience behind the camera. With Teresa Sanz
  • 16.30 Hours.-  Francisco G. Basterra (General Director. CNN+). With Miguel Ángel López. A 24 hours television
  • 17.30 Hours.-  Miguel Ángel Bastenier (El País) And what about Latin America! With Carmen Martín
  • 18.30 Hours.-   Tomás Alcoverro (Foreign correspondent in Lebanon. La Vanguardia). With Aurelio Martin. Middle East: Life on a powder keg

May 23

  • 10.00 Hours.-  Fernando G. Urbaneja (President of FAPE). Felipe Sahagún (Editorial advisor for El Mundo). The opinion of journalists. With Miguel Ángel López
  • 11.00 Hours.- Rosa María Calaf (Foreign correspondent. TVE). A vision of Asia and the Pacific region. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. With Teresa Sanz
  • 12.00 Hours.- Round table with the finalists of XXIV Cirilo Rodriguez Journalism Award. Javier del Pino (Foreign correspondent in New York. Cadena Ser). Álvaro Ybarra (Photojournalist. Punto Radio). Peru Egurbide (Diplomatic correspondent. El País). With Aurelio Martin
  • 13.30 Hours.- Closing ceremony with Alfredo Matesanz