Killing elephants in Paradise


This is what I wrote after travelling to Botswana and some other African countries in 2009:


If I start this post saying I saw Paradise on Earth it might sound pretentious. But I went to Africa, and that is how it felt.

It is a continent that really alters the senses.

You want to see the sounds.

You want to hear the smells.

You want to smell the skins.

You want to touch the food.

You want to eat the colours.


A flight over Okavango Delta, a safari in Moremi Park, views from a boat in Chobe National Park…


A flight over Okavango Delta


Bostwana - Moremi National Park

From the boat, Chobe National Park

As Paco Nadal explains, you can go to Botswana without spending so much money (I slept in tents) and specially without killing any elephant. There shouldn’t be bullets in Paradise.