When corporations and politics encounter each other


«The corporation» is an award winning documentary about multinational enterprises’ growing power. Its take is that economic interests explain current international relations better than political reasons: corporations are the «dominant institutions of our time».The movie is an «old classic» (it was filmed in 2003) and has already been discussed widely in the blogosphere, but it may be of interest for those students who still haven’t seen it and for teachers looking for educative resources on this field. It is highly critical and can favour controversy and debate.


The Corporation - the movie

The Corporation was shooted by the independent filmakers Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Baka with outreach purposes, and the effects were overwhelming (26 international awards).


In The corporation’s official website the authors collect stories about the impact of the movie and promote a campaign to educate people about the importance of topics such as moral values, the role of governments, the social responsibility and the corporate crime.




Any interested person can buy a DVD with extras (mainly interviews and debates) in order to back the campaign, but it is also possible to watch the movie for free in the Web: in English (YouTube) or Spanish (three parts, bellow). I arrived to it via José Alonso.




1) Corporations as social actors | 2) Corporations’ influence | 3) Corporations and public liberties