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At they made a list of the 100 best blogs for those who want to change the World.


Here you have the ones classified as «general», but the list includes others related to environment, social action & human rights, inspiration, philantropy & funding, health care, art, and leadership & business.


I found some of the choices and the absentees dissapointing, but I won’t say which ones.


United Nations Good Works: Find out what the United Nations is doing around the world from this blog. Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers and other inspirational bestsellers, discusses making a difference, intelligent thinking, and other important topics.
Ordinary People Change the World: Find out how regular people can make a difference in the world from this blog.
Evange-list: Check out Evange-list to learn how you can use the Web to make the world a better place.
The Give Well Blog: This blog will tell you how to get the most change out of your giving dollar.
What Do You Stand For?: This blog encourages readers to find a cause for support.
A Volunteer’s Guide to Changing the World: Find out how you can change the world as a volunteer from this blog.
How I changed the world today: See what this blogger does on a regular basis to make a difference in the world.
Kiva Stories from the Field: Read the stories of Kiva fellows on this blog.
Blog for Change: Blog for Change will help you learn about causes, connections, and action.
The Change Blog: This blog is all about changing the world and changing your life.
So what can I do?: Read So what can I do? to find out hundreds of actions you can take to change the world.
One Person Can Make a Difference: This blogger demonstrates being a force for change in the world.
Skip a Lunch: Skip a Lunch is about making small personal sacrifices in order to help others.
Have Fun – Do Good: Have Fun-Do Good is written for people who want to change the world while having fun.


(We already talked about «technologies for worldchanging» in Globograma, and it would be nice to find the time necessary to offer the same list but with Spanish blogs…).