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  • Exhausted seas. Pirate-infested seas

      A different regard to Somalian piracy.           From Xosé Ramil’ s facebook.      

  • Blogs to change the World

            At they made a list of the 100 best blogs for those who want to change the World.   Here you have the ones classified as «general», but the list includes others related to environment, social action & human rights, inspiration, philantropy & funding, health care, art, and leadership & […]

  • Camisetas: from Eric Berne to Sixth Sense

    One of the best subjects I took at Complutense University while studying Journalism was Information Theory, by Prof. Felicísimo Valbuena. By showing us movie after movie in the classroom, he taught us how much truth there is in cinema screenplays and how many inner scripts there are in real life. Not that it had a […]

  • Life is full of ups and downs

      And a crisis can turn the table.   [youtube][/youtube]   I saw it in Francisco Polo‘s blog.    

  • Alternative media, political resistance

      John D. H. Downing, one of the academicians who have better explained the influence of new media on international communication flows, has published a new book. Is is called «Alternative media and the politics of resistance: perspectives and challenges«, and it is co-edited with Mojca Pajnik. The book compiles a set of essays aproaching […]