Open access for the Journal of Global Mass Communication


Another of those publications that will deserve to be read -and to be delicioused– in the next months is now available full text/open access (pdf). It is the inaugural issue of the Journal of Global Mass Communication, focusing on news flow.



Bad news, by Stitch



The issue is dedicated to Robert L. Stevenson, a classic in International Communication  Studies.  Some years ago, when I was lost about the methodological substrate of my thesis, his 80’s book «Foreign news and the new World information order», edited with Donald L. Shaw under the umbrella of UNESCO, came to save the project and really paved the way.


The inaugural issue of JGC is guest-edited by Festus Eribo and H. Dennis Wu (who has also lots of interesting writings on international journalism). It offers the following contributions:


  • Festus Eribo and Denis Wu

Introduction to the special issue on global news flows: a tribute to Robert L. Stevenson


  • Folker Hanusch and Levi Obijiofor

Toward a more holistic analysis of international news flows


  • C. Anthony Giffard and Nancy Van Leuven

Five views of development: how news agencies cover the Millennium Development Goals


  • María M. García and Guy J. Golan

Not enough time to cover all the news: an analysis of  international news coverage in Time and Newsweek


  • Oliver Boyd-Barrett

News agency majors: ownership, control and influence reevaluated


  • Farooq A. Kperogi

Guerrillas in Cyberia: the transnational alternative online journalism of the Nigerian diasporic public sphere


  • Ye Xie and Anne Cooper-Chen

«According to Chinese media»: news flows, the Associated Press and Inter-Media agenda setting



All of them, in the same pdf.